My New Appliance Woes

If I were on twitter, I’d be doing a lot of bitching about my frequent refrigerator leaks with hashtags like #Whirpoolsucks, #fridgelemonlaw and #newappliancewoes, hoping to get a free refrigerator or at least free refrigerator repair out of Whirlpool. Since I can’t confine so much as a sneeze to 140 characters, I’ll take my time explaining things here.

We bought a new refrigerator a little over three years ago, when the old one that came with the house was in need of major repairs. We bought a side-by-side design with an in-door ice maker and filtered water dispenser. It looked like a very nice fridge for a decent price ($800). In the past three years we have replaced the components for the in-door ice maker and had several leaks. The first leak was caused by the line going to the water filter. Several unsuccessful attempts to fix it and several  floods later, we bypassed the filter. We have since had a few more leaks from the water line. This is not only inconvenient and annoying but has cost us our floor.

Unnecessary POS and inadvertent floor ruiner.

Unnecessary POS and inadvertent floor ruiner.

The first thing we did when we moved in to the house was replace all the floors because they were completely worn and unsightly. The only good floor was the pergo (laminate) one in the living room, but it made no sense design-wise. The living room flows into the dining room via one solitary step, and the dining room was carpeted. We recarpeted both rooms and moved the pergo to the kitchen to replace the ugly linoleum floor. The result was a beautiful kitchen floor and I shall never, ever do such a stupid thing again.

Our kitchen floor in the living room.

Our kitchen floor in the living room.

Pergo is a terrible floor for the kitchen and this is why. You can’t get it wet. Proponents of laminate flooring will cite the ease of replacing a few boards should something like this happen, but read on for information on the practicality of that.

This is the only pic of the kitchen I could find that shows the floors. We hadn't even fully unpacked when this was taken.

This is the only pic of the kitchen I could find that shows the floors. We hadn’t even fully unpacked when this was taken.

After our first flood, we noticed small gaps in between a few boards near the fridge. No big deal, we could replace those boards with our leftovers stashed away in the garage. But we procrastinated and after the next leak, the gaps got bigger and there were more of them. So with fire (or flood) under our feet, we decided it was definitely time to get fixing. Except those extra boards are buried under a bunch of other boards and flooring remnants in the garage, which are underneath a shelf in a cobwebby, spider-y area. It’s easy to put off repairs when getting the boards out from their hidey-hole would be more difficult than installing them.

I’m very happy we put it off because now the floor is completely warped. You can feel the waves under your feet. The gaps are unsightly and the baseboard behind the fridge is moldy to boot. It’s disgusting. But think how much work we would have wasted if, each time we had a flood, we replaced the boards.

Warps and Gaps

Warps and Gaps

Warps and Gaps

Warps and Gaps and Moldy Baseboards

I’m not sure now if we have enough boards to replace all that have been damaged. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, we have just enough. Hooray! Two months later, another flood and we are SOL. So this three year old fridge had ruined our six year old floor, and replacing these things would be not only expensive but incredibly wasteful. I really can’t justify a new fridge so we’ll need to hope we have enough material to fix the floor and hope against all logic that our flooding problems are over.

In conclusion, what I’m really trying to say here is #Whirlpoolsucks.




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4 Responses to My New Appliance Woes

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  3. Steve Shaffer says:

    Having our 2nd major problem with a 3 year old Whirlpool refrigerator. Have thrown out hundreds of dollars worth of food, taking time off work for service calls. Do not buy Whirlpool. #whirlpoolsucks.

    • suitejen says:

      We finally got around to replacing the floor, then the fridge almost immediately flooded again, and now we really don’t have enough boards to fix it again.

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