My Subscription Experiment

Shopping. Once a cherished pastime, the activity has now walked the hall of burden and turned the corner to annoying.

Shortly after Sonja was born, I took on a whole new philosophy regarding shopping. I decided to buy now, sort and return later. That line of thinking has largely served its purpose now that Sonja is older and I have a greater handle on what she needs and doesn’t need. I do return things that don’t meet my expectations far more frequently than I used to, which is the residue that particular philosophy left behind.

However I’m still battling to get in and out of the store quickly and efficiently. Before, my time was limited because I needed to stick to a feeding/napping schedule. Now my time is limited because I only have the time it takes to eat a fruit pack (about 60 seconds) to shop before I am chasing a 19-month old up and down the aisles. This is a battle I’m losing, with items constantly forgotten or abandoned because it would simply take to long to get to the part of the store where the item I need is located.

Whenever I’m shopping I think of the old Seinfeld joke that grocery stores are like casinos in that they are designed to disorient you.

Disorient me they do, and since trying to find my brand of detergent which has been moved to a secret location by the CIA, or God forbid trying to decide on a new brand to try has turned into a frustrating impossibility, I’ve turned to Amazon’s Subscribe and Save in an attempt to reduce shopping time. I’m not going to get out of schlepping to the grocery store unfortunately, but I’m going to try to get household items on some sort of schedule. I recently tried the service for the first time with diapers, after realizing that it was half a cent cheaper per diaper to have them delivered than to buy them at the store. (Yes, I do wish I had figured this out a year ago, as I hope to be done with diapers in the next year.)

It seems the Subscribe and Save is a bit limited. You have to be a brand loyalist and it has to be a brand that is part of the program to get the value. This is why I can subscribe to cat food but not to litter, because the Arm & Hammer litter they offer started a weeks-long boycott of the litter box that I am not eager to repeat.

So I’ll try this for a couple of months and see how it goes. I’m definitely lazy enough to think I deserve a delivery service so I have high hopes. While I buy several generic items like paper towels, so far a majority of the brand name stuff I use seems to be priced pretty well. Anybody else out there a user of Subscribe and Save? Feel free to post any thoughts or tips in the comments!


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