My Thoughts for the Week of May 20th

I admit that not a lot happened this week, and I confess that the laziness of the week is directly responsible for this lazy blog entry. I’m even too lazy to wax philosophical about letting my life pass me by as I partake in the bewildered amusement of watching my now twenty-month-old daughter pick out letters of the alphabet on the Bed, Bath & Beyond sign, count to eleven while crawling up the stairs and every so often, out of nowhere, ask, “Where’d Sid (the cat) go?” But I’ll make it all better with pictures!

We checked out all the rubber duckies at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma.

IMG_3455 IMG_3453 IMG_3451

Rubber Duckie Exhibit at the Children's Museum.

Rubber Ducky Exhibit at the Children’s Museum.
















I’ve fallen down a bit on my picture taking, but here are a few fun ones:

Trying to get into the dollhouse.

Trying to get into the dollhouse.

...Bye Bye

She’s leaving home…

My little Miss Independent

My little Miss Independent















Summer seems to be the time when my husband and I agree on movies to see in the theater. Despite what you’ve heard, this one was good. In accordance with what you’ve heard, this one was good.

I’ve been watching The Sopranoswhich I’ve never seen before. Nearing the end of the second season, I’m feeling guilty and stupid that I’m not enjoying it more. I don’t think The Godfather is all that and a bag of chips, either. Mafia stories are just not my thing. A good meth story, on the other hand…

I tried two recipes from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious book in an attempt to get more vegetables into my daughter’s diet. Both were time-consuming and resulted in a lot of food being thrown away. At the same time I borrowed that cookbook from the library, I also borrowed a Cook’s Country cookbook. While those recipes can be harder than your average casserole, they always turn out edible and often remarkably delicious food.

Lesson learned: Don’t put cold liquid in a hot glass pan. This happens.

Science works!

Science works!

Our oven was already malfunctioning, now we can’t use it at all. Waiting on a new control panel to arrive via the post and hoping that fixes the problem.

Until next time, may your rubber duckies be plentiful and your chickens glass-free.


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