My 5th Anniversary – Belated Edition

Don’t worry! Nobody here forgot any anniversaries. To the contrary, after a couple of rocky years getting used to remembering the date, we were both on top of it this year. We just didn’t really see fit to make a big deal out of it.

We had another no-gift year. The traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood (c’mon people, keep the snickers to a minimum) and the modern is silverware. After five years of looking up this information purely for the purposes of relating it to you, dear blog reader, I have to wonder if anyone adheres to these traditions. Someone must. But why? I have other questions, such as when was the “modern” gift list instituted and what if I already have plenty of really good silverware, thank you very much?

So no wooden forks here, but about two months ago we dropped two grand on a new oven, and I actually think that is a really good anniversary gift – except for the part where we didn’t really want a new oven but had our hands forced when the old one gave up. I digress. Making a marriage work often involves making dinner, along with a number of other quotidian tasks that make up a life. So we called off the gifts. Maybe next year nothing will explode and we’ll go crazy, but on the other hand our couch is looking kind of peaked…

The traditional 5th anniversary gift: Gas Range

The traditional 5th anniversary gift: Gas Range

So there was no gift wrap involved this year, but we did treat ourselves to dinner out. I thought it might be nice to revisit a somewhat nearby but somewhat off the beaten path Italian restaurant I frequented with my parents as a kid. The place looks the same as it always did. Not one thing is different. Which means that now it’s kind of a dive.

Actually one thing is a little different – the menu. My favorite thing when I was a kid was their fettuccine alfredo with ham. I know that fettuccine is supposed to be served with chicken, but as this was how I was introduced to it, this is how I prefer it. (Actually I try to stay away from cream these days as we have a somewhat tumultuous relationship.) It was sadly absent from the menu, but the outing did spark the idea to try to recreate the dish for my daughter, who loves ham and who is supposed to be eating fatty things like cream to help her gain weight. I’m happy to report that she loved the dish I made.

So that’s it. Not a lot of hoopla. Just another year come and gone. I see that next year’s gift is supposed to be candy. Hey, I think I can swing that. Bring on year six!

Year One.

Year One.






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