My Cat’s Photo Shoot

A while back I posted the results of a long overdue photo session with my daughter. The photographer I used was a lifelong friend of mine – no hyperbole there. The photos turned out great and I immediately posted several of them to my Facebook wall. A few weeks later, while in the midst of some “spring” summer cleaning, I happened upon these great white frames I had been given long ago but never used. The lightbulb went on. I could print some of the pictures and post them on my actual walls. It was done and the house feels that much more like a home.

Then my friend began posting photos she took of other people’s pets. Among them were a couple of black cats. I have a black cat and two of his pictures came down to make room for pictures of the baby. I felt bad, but the pictures were just not very good, aesthetically speaking. It’s difficult to get good pictures of black animals as they soak up a lot of light. So, after seeing these phenomenal, properly-lit black cats, I had to impress upon my friend for a favor.

I feel bad for our Sid sometimes. He was once at the top of the food chain but has been relegated to the ranks of second-class citizen. He doesn’t get as much attention as he used to, and his habit of trying to get it by biting my feet now earns him a ticket outside. On the other hand, this is what he has wanted his entire life. To have the freedom to go outside whenever he pleases. Before the baby crashed the kitty party, I would reprimand him when he attacked me and try (woefully unsuccessfully, I might add) to correct this annoying behavior. Now I don’t have the time or energy so at the first signs of agitation -fwip – out he goes. Then I start to feel bad again because he eats the grass outside, comes in and throws up on the carpet. This gets me to wishing we had one of those non-pukey cats I’ve heard so much about, and well, you see where I am going.

So a little extra attention in the form of a photo shoot and the reminder that he is not only a good-looking cat but a member of our family is just what was needed. By the way, I appreciate the effort put into these photos, all of which are attributed to Matisse Lorance Berthiaume. Not only is it difficult to take good pictures of a black cat because he is black, but also, he’s a cat – not very cooperative. So I share them here and reassure my displaced feline friend that he’ll be back up on the walls pretty soon. If he starts climbing them however, so help me, it’s off to the pound! (Just kidding.)

IMG_4486 Sid_Mat_1 Sid_Mat_2 Sid_Mat_3 Sid_Mat_4 Sid_Mat_5 Sid_Mat_7 Sid_Mat_8 Sid_Mat_9



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2 Responses to My Cat’s Photo Shoot

  1. maya says:

    I love this smart, pretty cat. Well worth it and a credit to you for giving the due attention.

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