My Daughter’s Second Birthday Party

What a difference from last year. The Sunday before my daughter’s actual birthday last year was a beautiful, bright and hot summer’s day, and we spent it at the park celebrating with several friends. Sonja was trying hard but not yet walking, she could say a few words and she smashed some frosting in her face. The Sunday before my daughter’s actual birthday this year started out with thunder and lightning and rained off and on all afternoon. Sonja chased her friends around the house, she says hundreds of words and refused to eat any frosting at all.


The frosting-face of a one-year-old

I was excited to throw this second birthday party, though I wasn’t nearly as giddy or as nervous as I was for the first one. We were hoping for the weather to cooperate like it did last year, but after a glorious northwest summer, weren’t expecting much. We carried on as if the party would be at the house and we were right.

We decided to have a panda bear theme this year as Sonja is obsessed with all things panda. We bought a panda balloon and Shaun and I spent the better part of the night making mini panda cupcakes. I also decorated with black and white balloons and black and white polka dotted napkins and cups. I admit that seemed a little weird for a children’s party, but Martha Stewart I’m not so that’s the best that I could do. I’m sure Sonja will forgive me, and if she doesn’t I’ll just remind her that she refused to even taste the cupcakes her father and I slaved over for hours.


The panda bear balloon was an enormous hit


The regular balloons were pretty good too.


Mini Panda Cupcakes! That’s a little Martha Stewart, don’t you think?

Look Sonja! The other kids like the panda cupcakes! Maybe you should try one too...

Look Sonja! The other kids like the panda cupcakes! Maybe you should try one too…

Sonja had a great time at her party. It’s fun to see her interact with the other kids, engage with her gifts, and sort of understand, “hey, all this hooplah is for me!” She tried to blow out the candles on her cake while we were singing Happy Birthday, and when we finished she asked us to sing it again. She was very interested in each gift she opened, and it was quite the task to convince her to set the newest toy aside so she could open the next package. We got through all but about two before we lost her attention entirely.

Most of the other kids at the party were around three and a half, and a guest pointed out how much closer in development Sonja at two is to her friends than she was at one. It’s really true. So much happens between year one and year two, and we’ll see just how far she’s come in the development post, arriving in three days.

Making 'Meowsic' on her gift from Mom & Dad

Making ‘Meowsic’ on her gift from Mom & Dad

Opening a gift

Opening a gift

A timeless gift, Mrs. Potato Head

A timeless gift, Mrs. Potato Head

A box. The most timeles, bestest gift ever.

The most timeless, bestest gift ever… A box.


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