My NaNoRevisMo Update

I wish I were more excited to give you the big NaNoRevisMo update, but unfortunately I have to tell you I failed to achieve my goals. Things had been going well… I was reading the manuscript quickly and had just finished my first editing pass. I was excited to get to some serious revision writing when I came home on that damn headache-y mid-November day to find my busted-in door.

That night I set aside the novel to stay up late and blog the day’s story, attempting to get onto paper and out of my head the thoughts that would have been keeping me up anyway. The next day I was exhausted from the lack of sleep and a day of running around trying to return order to the world, so instead of retreating to my office, I started watching TV.

That’s essentially what I’ve been doing ever since. I had vowed not to start on season 2 of The Wire until NaNoRevisMo was completed, but at some point I lost the drive. It wasn’t immediate. IĀ told myself over and over again not to let events that were out of my control derail a project I had been working on so valiantly. I nearly started up again the next day but feared my concentration would be shit and thus I might wind up writing shit.

The fears and the excuses got the better of me, and here I am two weeks later with nothing to show. I know that not everyone who begins NaNoWriMo finishes, and sometimes that’s due to circumstances beyond their control. That’s life. Still, I plan to take two weeks in the very near future to pick up where I left off and see what I can accomplish. Maybe after I finish The Wire.


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