My DSP 2: I’ll Be There in a Minute

Song: I’ll Be There in a Minute

Artist: Pomplamoose

Year: 2013

Favorite Lyric: Just then I happened upon a lonely dog without a collar on
so I guess that he’s coming along, hold tight we’ll be seeing you soon.

Significance: Pomplamoose looms large in this household, with Shaun being the one who discovered their delightful, quirky, happy, original, indie music. So I must admit feeling a bit strange highlighting this particular song. It’s the third and newest offering from their experimental “electronicky” sound. I didn’t care too much for the first two songs in this genre and initially dismissed this one as well. I can’t remember what brought me back to it but I am currently obsessed with it. I like the octave leaps singer Nataly Dawn makes at the beginning of the phrases, as well as the funky beat. I love how the bridge builds tension, then finally resolves all of the panicked pleas to “hold tight” by merging a countdown into the refrain. Plus this is the best song to listen to in the car if you are actually running late.


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