My DSP 2: Only a Girl

Song: Only a Girl

Artist: Randy Newman

Year: 2008

Favorite Lyric: Why would someone beautiful as she love someone old like me
Maybe it’s the money – Geez I never thought of that
Believe it or not – what a horrible thought
God dammit

Significance: Randy Newman is at the top of my list of musical favorites, right up there with Paul Simon and The Beatles. Nobody in pop music is as creative as he is with harmonies and orchestrations. Only a Girl is one of his newest offerings, off the 2008 album Harps and Angels. The way all the instruments play off one another in this song is genius, as is the vibrant and perfectly placed Dixie clarinet. I know that a lot of Randy Newman fans prefer to hear his works with just him singing and playing the piano and, as I may have mentioned several times beforeI do not get this. Not that he’s not a talented piano player, but all the work and effort and brilliance that goes into these arrangements should not be pared down to just the piano. Something tells me these people listen to Newman for the cachet of listening to Newman. Personally, I’m listening for the music.


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