My DSP 2: Beautiful Night

Song: Beautiful Night

Artist: Paul McCartney

Year: 1997

Favorite Lyric: Some boat’s on the ocean, we’re here in this room
Seems to me the perfect way to spend an afternoon

Significance: Paul McCartney as a solo artist is not my favorite. But let’s face it, The Beatles is a hard act to follow. Occasionally Macca reminds us of his genius. He did this best in 1997 Bewith his album Flaming Pie. Produced by Beatles’ producer George Martin, this may as well be a Beatles’ album it’s so good. It’s hard to pick just one song from this album to feature here, and in fact the easy way would have been to use Calico Skies. The significance of that one is easy, I walked down the aisle to it at my wedding. However Beautiful Night was one of those instant attraction songs for me. Plus, I remember watching McCartney and Starr promoting it (on Oprah, I think) when I was living in a dorm my first year of college. This song has an actual video to go along with it, but like almost all Paul McCartney videos I’ve ever seen, it’s really weird. Enjoy.


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