My DSP 2: Heroes & Villains

Song: Heroes & Villains

Artist: The Beach Boys

Year: 1967

Favorite Lyric: My children were raised, you know they suddenly rise
They started slow long ago, head to toe, healthy, wealthy and wise

Significance: I’m not a huge Beach Boys fan, but I like a handful of their stuff. This song is kind of an obscure one and I don’t remember how I personally came across it. Research says it was the single to follow Good Vibrations, and it did not quite live up to its predecessor’s success. Feh, I like this one better. Good Vibrations is a better recording, but this is a more interesting song. And therein lies my beef with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. They had the vocal stuff down, but they needed a George Martin-type overseeing the recording process and helping them out with the arrangements. I don’t think Heroes and Villains is as profound as Brian Wilson wanted it to be either, but I like the harmonies and the way the song wanders from one place to the next.




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