My DSP 2: Stranger

Song: Stranger

Artist: The Presidents of the United States of America

Year: 1995

Favorite Lyric: You seem cool for a naked chick in a booth, let’s be pals someday
In other words, put some clothes on and call me

Significance: If you were a high school senior in 1996, The Presidents of the United States were a pretty significant band. Especially if you lived in the Pacific Northwest. I was never one to be on trend, but their hit songs Lump and Peaches were as inescapable as Miley Cyrus twerking. (Okay, not that  inescapable because YouTube and social media had yet to be invented, but still, pretty prevalent.) And I actually liked those songs. And I must have liked them enough to buy their first, self-titled album, because I own it. Their music is characterized by two things: Soft and hard mixes…So the song will go along very serenely for a while and then – BAM! – time to head bang. Also, the band members removed half the strings from their guitars. Even with half the strings, you can still play all the notes, but from a technique perspective I think this must’ve been woefully inefficient. Anyway, I always thought Stranger was a good track. I never bought another POTUS album, and theirs is not music I listen to too often anymore. However, tonight I have reason to be thinking about them, and you’ll find out why in tomorrow’s DSP entry. Gasp – I fear I have said too much! Here’s Stranger.


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