My DSP 2: Mr. Rabbit

Song: Mr. Rabbit

Artist: Caspar Babypants

Year: 2010

Favorite Lyric: Some say he is plaid, man that would be too bad
To be a big plaid bear with gigantic feet

Significance: Earlier this year I decided to check out Caspar Babypants. My daughter loves music and had quite a few regular, adult songs she could ask for by name, so I had stayed blissfully away from children’s music. But I’d heard other parents sing his praises, and knowing that Mr. Babypants is actually Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the United States, I was curious what he had to offer. (As a reminder, we were talking about The Presidents during yesterday’s DSP entry.) So I dialed up YouTube and clicked on the animation for Mr. Rabbit. I was very impressed. So much of the music aimed at children is saccharine and out of tune and unlistenable. Caspar is cute and clever, no sweetener in sight, as well as upbeat and in-tune. Sonja loves this music. It started with requests to watch Mr. Rabbit over and over and over, and moved on to other songs. Her favorite now is Stompy the Bear, which she got to hear live today at the local library where he performed. For the purposes of the DSP, I thought I’d highlight the song where it all started for us: Mr. Rabbit. And just for fun, I’ve uploaded a short clip of the performance we saw today. The song is Here Comes the Sun from the new Baby Beatles album. He did a really good job with this, I have to say. So many people trash Beatles music by trying to make it “kid-friendly.” Of course, most Beatles music is already pretty kid friendly, so I like that he upheld the integrity of the songs and just arranged them in his unique, ebullient style.


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