My DSP 2: Beyond the Sea

Song: Beyond the Sea

Artist: Bobby Darin

Year: 1960

Favorite Lyric: I know beyond a doubt my heart will lead me there soon.

Significance: Yesterday’s Dean Martin Christmas entry got me to thinking about the pre-rock ‘n’ roll music I like. (Actually, I like a lot of old jazz standards, but mostly performed by newer artists like Diana Krall. You know, people who have the technology to get the sound to stick to the proverbial tape.) Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea is the first of these jazzy recordings I fell in love with, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I heard it first. A movie, maybe? I know I liked it when I was in high school, because on the tape (feeling old, right about now) Darin explained in a spoken intro that the song was originally a French recording called La Mer, “and in French la mer means the sea.” We got extra credit in French class if we brought in examples of French being used in everyday life, and this counted. By the time I was done with two years of high school French, the only thing I could say was “la mer,” so thanks for the education, Mr. Darin. I still adore this song, even though nothing else from the Bobby Darin canon made it into my playlist.



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