My DSP 2: I’m Not Running Anymore

Song: I’m Not Running Anymore

Artist: John Mellencamp

Year: 1999

Favorite Lyric: I’m not the young kid that I used to be, so I push the hair back outta my face
That’s okay I knew this would happen, but I was hopin’ not today

Significance: I’m posting this song for the same reason I posted 3 a.m. by Matchbox 20 last year, because I have such fond memories of watching Insomniac Music Theater on VH1 in my college apartment. It introduced me to songs I wouldn’t have found otherwise. John Mellencamp is another artist with a huge back catalog that I know little about. Jack and Diane? You can have that. I’ll take this little ditty with the great pizzicato strings, thank you very much.



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