My DSP 2: Run Around

Song: Run Around

Artist: Blues Traveler

Year: 1994

Favorite Lyric: …Of a bad play where the heroes are right and nobody thinks or expects too much
And Hollywood’s calling for the movie rights saying hey baby, let’s keep in touch
But I want more than a touch, I want you to reach me


Tra la la la bombardier this is the pilot speaking and I’ve got some news for you
It seems my ship still stands no matter what you drop and there’s not a whole lot that you can do


Oh I like coffee and I like tea, but to be able to enter a final plea
I still got this dream that I can’t shake, I love you to the point you can no longer take

Significance: This was a big hit for Blues Traveler and I remember entertainment news making a big deal of the first line, which borrows from Poe’s famous poem The Raven (Once upon a midnight dearie.) How strange for a writer to take inspiration from another writer. Quel coincidence! This song actually has a lot of great lyrics, and to read them on the page is like reading a poem. Lyrics aren’t the only reason I like this song but I think that the sheer quantity of words drives the melody and rhythm in a way that would not be possible with fewer words. I feel the same about Dylan. Like Dylan, John Popper plays a harmonica. He’s a better singer though…



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