My DSP 2: Cousin Dupree

Song: Cousin Dupree

Artist: Steely Dan

Year: 2000

Favorite Lyric: She said, “maybe it’s the skeevy look in your eyes, or that your mind has turned to applesauce, the dreary architecture of your soul…”
I said, “but what is it that exactly turns you off?”

Significance: I remember my introduction to Steely Dan was Reelin’ in the Years, and from there I found several other songs I liked. This was during college. At first I didn’t care for Rikki Don’t Lose That Number, but even that grew on me. Shortly after I became a Dan Fan, the band put out a new album, something they hadn’t done in 20 years. I seem to remember first hearing about Two Against Nature from my parents when I was studying in London in 2001, and then actually hearing the album when I came back. That’s possible, but I also seem to remember rooting for them at the Grammy’s with a college roommate of mine, and that doesn’t fit the timeline. So in this my memory is hazy, but it doesn’t really matter, for this is a truly great song.


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