My Post-Christmas Tradition

Christmas is a time for tradition and familiarity, from trimming the tree to baking cookies to – at least for us – eating prime rib and prawns on Christmas day. After Christmas, as the regular folk are preparing for New Year’s, the retailers have replaced most of their Christmas displays with wishful Valentine’s Day hype. Of course, some of the Christmas merchandise lingers, and that’s where I come in.

My post-Christmas tradition originated three years ago near to New Year’s, when I was out shopping and happened upon some really beautiful, really discounted Christmas ornaments. I snatched them up and, high off the bargain, went foraging for more. I decided this was the perfect way to replace my cheap ornaments that I was sick of with fancier fare.

The ornament that begat the tradition

The ornament that begat the tradition

Last year I decided to start even earlier and brave the day-after-Christmas crowds to find more leftover treasures.

A 2012 post-Christmas find (the sparkly green one in the front)

A 2012 post-Christmas find (the sparkly green one in the front)

This year I wasn’t so gung-ho… Actually I was gung-ho, but I didn’t ho-ave the time. So it wasn’t until today that I was able to search, and the pickings were surely slim. Still, I did okay.

Christmas Ornaments 2013

2013 Ornament Haul

I still have plenty of space left on my tree for more ornaments, so I’ll soldier on next year. In fact, I imagine I’ll keep at it as long as I find stuff I like, to add to the collection and replace ones that are sure to break. The thrill-of-the-bargain is certainly a driver, but more so I like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from re-greeting the ornaments the next year. “Why hello brand new beautiful items that I can use to trim my tree, how was your spring-summer-autumn in the garage?” It reminds me or a more organized time in my life, a time I desperately long for when trying to find my footing on a floor full of toys while simultaneously keeping the puppy from chewing and/or peeing on everything in sight.

Speaking of organization, this wound up being my year to buy Christmas storage, having invested in two ornament boxes, an under-bed wrapping paper box, and a Christmas tree storage box. I think I’m more excited to de-decorate the tree than I was to decorate it.

Merry post-Christmas to all, and may your 2014 be full of organization.



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