My 2013 Blog Stats

I was not going to publish this again this year, as I didn’t think the numbers were really worthy of sharing. However, I was curious how this year compared to last, and oh how easy it was to click that link from last year’s post. So this is another one that’s just for me, for reference.

My favorite part of this whole report was the search terms that sent traffic my way in 2013. They were: should i take the job, should i take this job, do i take the job, which job should i take, and should i take the job?. It again lends credence to the theory that I might have something, if only I would keep up with blog # 2 about job hunting.

I was also amazed to learn that I uploaded 206 pictures this year.

Supposedly I had 66 new posts this year, but I think that number will jump to 76 once the “helper monkeys” factor in all the posts from the last couple of days.

So here it is for reference, future self:



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