My Beverage Station

When Shaun and I were younger, living in an apartment, we would fantasize about the customizations we would make to our very own house, when we finally bought one. First and foremost on our list was to add a carbonation station in the kitchen, loaded with Coke syrup (for me) and Dr. Pepper syrup (for him.) Was this the best we could come up with? Probably. I think we also added a bowling alley. Hey, no one said we were very creative.

When we were shopping for houses, we saw one in Kent that stuck with me. We made an offer on it but we didn’t get it, this being in the days slightly before the housing market collapse. This house that we saw had nothing on the one we actually bought. It was smaller, it was but one story, it wasn’t near work or family. But this house had a brand new kitchen. Kitchens sell houses, or so the hosts used to say when I worked on Sell This House, and damned if they weren’t right. That kitchen sold that house to us, if only our offer had been accepted.

The house we actually live in is quite nice, except that the bathrooms and kitchen need to be remodeled. I wish this were a post about how we are about to embark upon such expensive and photogenic endeavors, but no. Sadly, this is a post about how I realized, with my recent creation of a “beverage station” in our kitchen eatery, our dream had come true.

A few years back Shaun bought a newfangled SodaStream machine, a heavily-promoted small kitchen appliance for which the syrups are now ubiquitous. It’s how ordinary folk like yourselves can make gourmet soda at home. I tried but never cared for the soda stream as all of the syrups contain some sort of sweetener. As you may recall, I’m not exactly sweet on saccharin.

But as you also may recall, I developed a love for tea and recently exchanged my old plastic iced tea maker for a new-and-improved deluxe model complete with glass pitcher.

And as you also may recall, if you are my number one fan, I embarked upon some winter “spring” cleaning during my Christmas break, moving the microwave to a corner and adding Shaun’s soda stream to the kitchen cart with my iced-tea maker, finally bringing the long-contemplated idea of the beverage station to life.

Kitchens are important, no doubt about it. The lost kitchen in Kent would have made some very nice dinners. Maybe that house would have been great too (but my hunch is the oddly-shaped trapezoidal living room would have been way worse than our slightly off-kilter rectangular one) but it seems either way, our dreams would have come true. So long as you’re looking at the one very specific dream through rose-colored glasses.

Behold the Beverage Station

Behold the Beverage Station


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