My Three-Year-Old

So long, terrible-twos, you weren’t so bad. Hello, temper-tantrum-threes, you are already wearing me out.

Big girl dancing

Big girl dancing

The milestones are coming fewer and farther between. About a month ago, I decided we were going to say sayonara to the bottle, and if that meant Sonja would no longer drink milk, so be it. And so be it was. Although she occasionally expresses desire for a bottle, she finds the idea of milk from a glass particularly heinous. It seems to me she only likes the ritual, not the beverage.

Speaking of rituals, the next thing to go will be the binky. I’m not looking forward to that transition. I’m hoping, like the potty training, it’ll be quick and dirty. It’ll be soon. By the next update, I expect it to be a done deal.

Next stop, binky rehab.

Next stop, binky rehab.

The nap is also in limbo. She seems to be able to go longer without needing one. Sometimes she inconveniently conks out around four, but some days she makes it the whole day. These days, while overly whiny, are still nice because she goes to bed and goes right to sleep. Nap days, even if I cut the nap short, leave her counting sheep until 10:30 or later. Though I will say she is all too good a sport about her insomnia, just kicking around quietly in bed until she falls asleep. Mom & Dad have it too good in this regard.

The convertible crib, soon to be replaced with a regular toddler bed.

The convertible crib, soon to be replaced with a regular toddler bed.

Sonja continues to impress me with her vocabulary and her memory. She has taken to reading me bedtime stories. The first time she read me The Alphabet Book, the little board book I’ve been reading to her since she was born, I thought it was cute and impressive. When she read me the 60-page Danny and the Dinosaur book, my jaw dropped. She missed a few lines here and there, but all the other lines were read verbatim, and in the same tone of voice I use when reading to her.

She knows all her letters and has since about 18 months, and she knows that letters spell things. The other day she spelled out T-A-R-G-E-T while we were there, and I said, “what’s that spell?” “Sonja!” she gleefully exclaimed. Okay, we still have a ways to go. She also knows her numbers pretty well. She can count up to thirteen with no problem, then things get a little bit jumbled. She’s really sure eleventeen is a number, despite my insistence otherwise.

Big girl running

Big girl running

She is squarely in the “why” phase, not to mention the “can we buy this?” phase. When I want her to do something she doesn’t want to do, she’ll tell me, “Well…I just want to do this first, THEN I’ll do that.” This is a nice demonstration that she understands sequence of events, but she still doesn’t understand lengths of time, as in, “we’ll do that tomorrow.” I try to refrain from telling her we’ll be doing anything until 30 seconds before we do it, so that I don’t have to hear “can we do it now?” a million times. Her favorite argument when we say no to her is to say, with great enthusiasm and a little bit of sarcasm, “come on…” Mildly convincing, if you ask me.

Oh. Guys. This is the big one. Oh I’m so excited about this. She can sing. I mean, she’s three so she’s not great, but you can see she gets the idea of a tune and when she’s singing along with a song on TV, she’s in tune. This is such a relief to me. It may just be a genetic gift, but I have busted my ass making sure she listens to music that is in tune (some of the stuff aimed at children is atrocious) and making sure that when I sing, I get the tunes somewhere in the vicinity of right. She’s also started making up her own songs, which is so adorable.

This kid has yet to meet a show she didn’t like. Favorite ones now are Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Peg + Cat, but she gets bored and moves on every few weeks. Her favorite movie is still Toy Story, but we also let her watch the new Muppet movie with us (Muppets Most Wanted) and this sparked an interest in the Muppets.

M Sept 2014 (1)

Sonja at Seahurst Park in Burien, chucking rocks.

Sonja at Seahurst Park in Burien, chucking rocks.

Finally, I think it’s important to note that despite the requisite temper tantrums, Sonja has such a vibrant, happy personality. Everything is her favorite, from the toy she’s playing with at the moment to the food she’s eating. Everyone is her best friend, from her Grandmas to her younger cousin J.J. And, at random, she’ll exclaim that what we are going to do will be “awesome” or “the best ever.” “This is going to be the best snack ever.” “The library is going to be awesome.” It truly melts my heart. She’s so happy that it makes me happier because she’s so happy. And when I start getting frustrated at something, like the cat scratching and ruining the screen door, she always tells me, “it’s okay, Mom.”

So Sonja, I hope you had the best day and that your party will be awesome and that age three will be the best ever. Happy birthday.

Enjoying her favorite chicken noodle soup for her birthday dinner.

Enjoying her favorite chicken noodle soup for her birthday dinner.





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