My Daughter’s Third Birthday Party

It was another dazzling last-official-weekend of summer, same as two years ago, in which we celebrated Sonja’s birthday at the park, same as two years ago. Other than that, everything was different.

A Sept 2014 (23)Sonja really understood that this was her birthday and that meant she would go from being two years old to three. (I’m three!) She was excited to open her gifts and capable as well, though she received much assistance from her friend Grant.

Grant helps Sonja open her gifts.

Grant helps Sonja open her gifts.

I decided this year to do a Toy Story theme, partly because it remains her favorite movie and partly because merchandise abounds. There were a few decorations and she received Woody, Buzz and Bullseye to go along with her beloved Jesse doll.

It's the real Buzz Lightyear!

It’s the real Buzz Lightyear!

Since Sonja is not interested in cake but thinks chocolate chip cookies are the best thing in the world, I baked a giant chocolate chip cookie cake which was a big hit. (Aw man, I forgot to take a picture. I am the worst.) It was so warm out that the wax birthday candles started melting in the package before I stood them, leaning-tower-of-Pisa-style, in the cookie.

I was better prepared for this party, bringing a knife for the cake, tape for the tablecloth, a lighter, garbage bags, etc. I had my mom get the pizzas so they would arrive on time. I would’ve felt quite proud of myself if it weren’t for those pesky, over-achieving kids at the next picnic table over, who arrived with a giant green tent to keep them in shady bliss.

Yay for presents!

Yay for presents!

Sonja played on the playground a little bit, but with her it always seems the idea of the playground is much more interesting than actually being at the playground.


Teeter Totter…La di da

After the party, we set up her toddler bed which (thankfully) she loves, and then she gathered up her new crew and watched Toy Story for the 900th time.

Bed sheets? Who invited that kid!

Bed sheets? Who invited that kid!

The After-Party

The After-Party

So it was a fantastic day to turn three, and now I’m looking forward to all of the in-betweens in-between now and four. I’m sure Sonja is too.

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

Third Birthday Party

Third Birthday Party


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