My DSP 3: You Go Down Smooth

Two years ago, I created the December Song Project, wherein I posted a different song every day just for the heck of it. It began as an effort to post more often and continued because I found it fun. I know this was not a banner year for blogging, so here I go again. The rules:

1) Songs shall be songs I like

2) No artist shall appear more than once in the list (per year).

Yes, there will be more Christmas songs (though I’m already exhausting my stash.)

Without further ado, first up for the first of December 2014:

Song: You Go Down Smooth

Artist: Lake Street Dive

Year: 2014

Favorite Lyric: And I am afraid to need you so
And I am too sober not to know
That you may be my problem not my love
’cause you go down smooth

Significance: Lake Street Dive is hands down my favorite thing of 2014, so I decided I’d better start the list off right with this song. The album this group released this year called Bad Self Portraits is stellar, though I’m not sure I would’ve been able to appreciate the title song had I not heard this one first on The Colbert Report. (And as an aside – kudos to Colbert for having such fantastic taste in music, unlike his otherwise fantastic counterpart – Jon Stewart.) The album and the group are stellar. You’d be doing yourself a favor to run out and listen to everything you can right now. Videos abound on YouTube. Here’s one:



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