My DSP 3: One Belief Away

Song: One Belief Away

Artist: Bonnie Raitt

Year: 1998

Favorite Lyric: Last night I thought I found you
I saw it in a dream

Significance: I’ve talked before about all the music I was introduced to in college thanks to free cable and VH1’s Insomniac Music Theater. This was another one of my discoveries. I like all the parts to this song – the bass in particular, the percussion, the vocals and harmonies, and from day one and most of all, my favorite part has always been the introduction of the horn section at the tail end of the song. It’s a little bit bizarre to bring them in so late, but also very effective.

I usually embed the videos from YouTube here, but YouTube doesn’t have the official video for this song and I managed to find it on another site. Here’s hoping it’s still there when you click the link. I barely remember this video and I’ve had that trouble with the other Insomniac videos I’ve listed. I’m guessing that’s because I couldn’t watch it on my computer whenever the hell I felt like it and had to wait and hope the TV would play it before I lost consciousness.

One Belief Away music video




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