My DSP 3: (Hey Now) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Song: (Hey Now) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Artist: Cyndi Lauper

Year: 1994

Favorite Lyric: —

Significance: The original Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is an ’80s icon, and had you never heard the song before but knew your music decades, you would know it belongs in the ’80s. I think the 1994 update, Hey Now, has a more timeless quality, but it also sounds very ’90s. I remember watching Cyndi Lauper perform this on Letterman and then struggling to find and obtain the song without actually buying the whole CD. Eventually I was able to get it from the library. I’ll never have that struggle again, so maybe that means some songs will not obtain the significant status. But this one did. Check out the ’90s video here:

And then if you want to compare the two versions or watch a very ’80s video, the original is below.



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