My DSP 3: Brown-Eyed Girl

Song: Brown-Eyed Girl

Artist: Van Morrison

Year: 1967

Favorite Lyric: Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hide behind a rainbow’s wall,
Slipping and a-sliding
All along the waterfall

Significance: I’m sure there are more songs that mention brown eyes than songs that mention Jennifers, but this is the most famous one. Since I also have brown eyes, it is a nice complement to Ms. Juniper. I thought for a moment that it might be genetically possible for my daughter to have green eyes since my mom has green eyes. Whether or not that’s true, it didn’t happen and we’re all brown eyes here. We didn’t even have to question it. Some parents have to wait several months for their true baby’s eye color to present itself, but Sonja has always been, since day one, my brown-eyed girl.

Oh also, thanks to Morrison’s often unintelligible lyrics, for a very long time I thought the first line to this song was , “hey there Rodrigo.”


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