My DSP 3: We’ll Meet Again

Song: We’ll Meet Again

Artist: Stephen Colbert (and nearly every other celebrity on the planet)

Year: 2014

Favorite Lyric: Keep smiling through, just like you always do
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

Significance: As you may have guessed, I just saw the last ever episode of The Colbert Report. Man, I am sad to see this show go. I know Colbert is great and he’s going to do great things with my other perennial favorite, The Late Show. But The Report just knocked political satire right out of the park, right up ’til the end when Stephen said he wasn’t getting paid to watch Bill O’Reilly anymore so “fuck that noise.” The show also introduced me to many great books and songs I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, and the final episode was no exception. I officially love this 1939 British tune, made famous by singer Vera Lynn and made better by Stephen Colbert because Randy Newman.

And I’m so glad that Colbert still has Vince Gilligan chained in his basement writing more episodes of Breaking Bad.

Thanks for all the laughs, Stephen.


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