My DSP 3: Those Were the Days

Song: Those Were the Days

Artist: Mary Hopkin

Year: 1968

Favorite Lyric: Oh my friend we’re older but no wiser
For in our hearts the dreams are still the same

Significance: I’m sure this one must’ve come from my Dad’s music library, as it seems obscure and a little weird. It’s originally a Russian song. And it was Paul McCartney, who’d heard the song in a club in the early days of The Beatles, who recorded the song with Mary Hopkin on Apple records. After I was familiar with this song, I heard a reference to it on, of all shows, The Nanny, which I thought was really weird. But of course it’s always nice to be culturally literate. So here’s to weird songs and obscure references.


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3 Responses to My DSP 3: Those Were the Days

  1. Pat Richmond says:

    thanks I liked your reference very much, But did you know this song sung by Mary sold over 8 million records,so not as obscure as it may seem. An American called Gene Raskin (who sang with the “limeliters” and who recorded it first) wrote the lyrics for the song “Those were the days” and used the melody only from a song called “Dorogoy dlinnoyu” (“By a long road”) which was written by the Russian song writer Boris Fomin.

  2. suitejen says:

    Thanks for your comment. I figured the song wasn’t particularly obscure when it came out in ’68, but it seems to have faded into obscurity in a way that other songs, like Beatles’ and Stones’ songs, have not.

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