My Birthday – 2015 Edition

“Yesterday it was my birthday, I hung one more year on the line
I should be depressed, my life’s a mess, but I’m havin’ a good time.”
-Paul Simon

Last year, I said with some aplomb that the previous year kinda sucked, and I would make the next one better. And I think I did. After a very rocky start to the year, wherein I worked for four months at a job terrible enough to make Michael Scott look like the world’s most competent boss, I decided I needed to start over.

It seemed like a strange time to start over. “Why, at this age, am I starting over?” I have thought on many occasions. Because for some reason, I keep starting over. It’s a trend. It’s a theme. It’s the main idea. From flute player to librarian, video editor to teacher, and at least a dozen odd-jobs in between, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I must always be doing something else.

I think the origins of the renaissance woman attitude can be traced back to my flute- playing days, when I was sure I was going to do one thing and one thing only. I noticed tunnel vision all around me, and when I noticed it in myself, I decided I didn’t like it. I began a search for balance, which turns out – spoiler alert – is much harder to achieve than falling over.

Let me get right to the point since I’ve been so busy with my new job that I’m going to have to backdate this post by over a week. Fear is good. Challenge is good. They keep you from becoming complacent. Your options are limitless, but you absolutely must look around once in a while. The best jobs I’ve had are the ones that put me on the high wire and said, “walk.” Life should not be about the process of learning how to do one thing. It shouldn’t be about learning how to do several things. It should be about the process of learning to learn. And once you’ve learned how to learn (hint – mistakes are involved), you want to surround yourself with the people who trust you enough to let you figure out how to be successful. Failure is always an option in life, so learn how to do it well. Do it often. Scrap ideas. Edit. Rewrite. Try again. Recover quickly. Or slowly. Get it right. And then start all over again with something new, maybe on your next birthday.

“She knows there’s no success like failure,
And that failure’s no success at all.”
-Bob Dylan


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One Response to My Birthday – 2015 Edition

  1. mayalessov says:

    Jen, this is a poetic post. Resonant, brief AND ornamental. Happy birthday.

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