My Daughter’s Fourth Birthday Party

IMG_1730 We held Sonja’s first birthday party at a park on a sunny day. We held her second birthday party at home on a cool and rainy late September day. We held her third birthday at the park, on a beautiful and warm-enough-to-melt-wax-candles afternoon. Sonja, now four and able to understand patterns, could tell you that what comes next. I decided to ignore the pattern, cross my fingers and hope for the best.


And so it was that we held her fourth birthday party at the park on a windy and cloud-covered day on the last official weekend of Summer. As the plastic Frozen tablecloth flipped in the wind and the half-empty bag of tortilla chips flew off the table, I thought to myself that perhaps I should’ve had the party at the house. Luckily it didn’t rain until the second after we had packed all the presents in the car and started home.


Four was a nice birthday indeed. Sonja invited a few of her friends from preschool, the neighbor boys, and her cousin. As in, she knew who she wanted to have at her party, without me having to tell her. She also knew she wanted a Frozen-themed party. One $70 trip to Party City later, I began to wonder if I’d lost my mind.



I made another chocolate chip cookie cake, as regular cake is not yet part of her repertoire. If I make another one next year, which is quite possible, then NOTE TO SELF: Cook it longer than 25 minutes. At least 30. Maybe 35. It actually turned out great this time, but I did not remember how long it needed to be cooked. For me, it was a little underdone, but in the world of chocolate chip cookie dough, all’s good.


Also of note for next year: introduce games. It might’ve been a little iffy to play “pin the tail on the donkey” this year, but by next year, I should say a game of musical chairs is in order. As I type this, I am thinking of the tears that are guaranteed to ensue when she doesn’t win. Eh, maybe I can think of something more cooperative. I have a whole year.

Happy Birthday to you, my little cookie monster.

Happy Birthday to you, my little cookie monster.

So happy birthday, my lovely Sonja. I hope you loved your party and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

A box. The most timeles, bestest gift ever.

Second Birthday Party

Third Birthday Party

Third Birthday Party



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