My December Song Project 4: Pay Attention

Greetings and welcome to the fourth annual December Songwriting Project (DSP.) At 10:00 p.m. on November 30th, I really took the decision whether or not to do this down to the wire. I’ll level with you, I’m pretty busy right now and should be lesson planning for my last week of class. I’m not sure I have any Christmas songs left in my repertoire. I might even be considering breaking the rules this year (see below.) But I do like the way doing this energizes my playlist, even if it does nothing for you. I also realize I’ve been woefully absent on the blogging scene this year, and I miss it.


1) Songs shall be songs I like

2) No artist shall appear more than once in the list (per year).

Without further ado, first up for the first of December:

Song: Pay Attention

Artist: Pomplamoose

Year: 2015

Favorite lyric: If it’s in my best interest,  I’ll think of it
but if it’s not, oh well, I can’t deny
that I don’t know why I’m still a part of this human race

Significance: I may have at one time said that I thought the universe brought me and Shaun together so that he could introduce me to Pomplamoose. I think these two are really smart. They’re smart about the music they write, they’re smart about the lyrics, and they’re smart about the videos (this is one I particularly like). I feel like this song didn’t jump right out at me, but the video certainly warranted a couple of views, and within the repeated plays, my brain started following the complexities of the music and I got hooked.



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