My DSP 4: Getting Better

Song: Getting Better

Artist: The Beatles

Year: 1967

Favorite Lyric: I used to get mad at my school
The teachers who taught me weren’t cool

Significance: I’m in the midst of end-of-quarter, last-minute, frantic, panicky lesson-planning mode (and I thought I had it rough when I was the student), so I was thinking about school and needed something quick and easy to explain. I’ve always loved this song. I think it might be a little under appreciated for a Beatles song. (Perhaps coincidentally, I used another Sgt. Pepper song, She’s Leaving Home, to teach phrasal verbs, in a lesson that went over particularly well.) I love the juxtaposition of Paul’s optimistic, “It’s getting better all the time” lyric with John’s pessimistic, “It can’t get no worse” lyric. Like Paul, I can only hope that my teaching is getting better all the time. It’s also possible that “it can’t get no worse,” but at least I knew enough not to use this song to teach proper English.

Video: Okay, sorry, I can’t find a video of this on the web, so you’ll have to pull out one of your four copies of Sgt. Pepper and listen to it yourself.


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