My Four-and-Three-Quarters Year Old

Just how many years can a child go to preschool? This four-and-three-quarters year old just finished up her third year, and thanks to the strict no-testing policy of our school district, she will have to return for one more year before she ages into kindergarten. She loves her teacher and her friends, and already has a litany of items lined up for next year’s show-and-tell, so at least she’s excited to go back.

2016 PVCP Spring Sonja

Sonja’s preschool picture

Just how many height-weight checks can a child have? This year, I’ve taken Sonja in quarterly for this ritual, by request of her doctor. The office has vastly improved the print outs for the growth chart, but the numbers are still the same. 1% in height and weight. I’d like to say now that this has taken a greater toll on my psyche than I originally realized. There is literally nothing I can do to influence her size. I mean, look at me, I’m a tiny speck of a human being, and she is my offspring. But logic simply cannot refute the most basic instinct to feel like it’s all my fault.

Just how many episodes of The Odd Squad can a preschooler binge-watch? I actually think this show is pretty cute. They had me at “Symmetric Al.” It’s all about math and she’s actually learning something. When we were at the grocery store yesterday and I bought two avocados, she said, very enthusiastically, that if I bought two more, I’d have four. The guy standing next to us chuckled.

Just how many times can one read through the entirety of Where the Sidewalk Ends? Apparently, after at least four months of nightly readings, we hit our limit. Now, she’s complaining that she’s read all of her books too many times. I forsee many trips to the library in our future.

Just how late can someone under five stay up? Lately the stalling tactics include begging for food, which reminds me that I need to reinstate the hard line on the 8:00 snack time, and asking for more stories (even though she’s read them all) so that she can spend more time with me. I know that I worked more these past two months than I have the rest of the year, but it’s still a part-time job, and she gets to spend plenty of time with me. I’ve gotta hand it to her, though, it’s expert manipulation. She hits upon my weak points – my fear that she’s not getting enough to eat and my guilt about being a working parent.

She sleeps in weird positions

She sleeps in weird positions

Just how quickly can an almost five-year-old mess up a newly painted and reorganized room? Really, really quickly. In late March, I painted her room green (by request) and we finally got her a big girl bed, which she loves. I toyed with the idea of taking a picture of the way the room looks now, but better to remember this brief moment of cleanliness.

Sonja's preschool pictute

The newly renovated room

03_Mar 2016 (2)

New headboard and nightstand

03_Mar 2016 (8)

Closet full o’ stuffed animals

And just how many adventures can a four-and-three-quarters year old have? Never enough!

04_Apr 2016 (30)

Face painting at the spring fair

04_Apr 2016 (41)

Driving a car at the spring fair

04_Apr 2016 (46)

Helping mom cook

05_May 2016 (18)

Playing at the park on an unseasonably warm May day


Having a picnic in the shade.


Picture with a mermaid at the preschool spring festival


Sonja dressed up as Elsa and thoroughly enjoying her special day at preschool


Playing with the parachute


She really wanted a picture with Geoffrey the Giraffe. Just not any closer than that.


So excited about her brand new bicycle


Neon/fluorescent kid paradise


At a fun park on an unseasonably cool June day

Drawing by Sonja


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