My Done List

I’ve heard that keeping a done list is as motivating or more so than keeping a to-do list. It is naturally rewarding to your brain to see all the things that you have accomplished, squished together on a single piece of paper. So I thought I should take this opportunity, the weekend before I have to go back to work, to check off all that I accomplished with my two-and-a-half weeks off.

Here’s the original list, with notes:

3-week meal plan
Eh, I didn’t do three weeks in advance, but I did cook a lot and tried several new recipes, so I’ll say that’s a check.

Write quarterly Sonja update

Take Sonja to the doctor for quarterly height-weight check; take myself for triptan reup.
Sonja: 28.8 lbs, 38 in; Me: 6 triptans in hand.

Read, read, read. Also, binge-watch, binge-watch, binge-watch.
Nope, nope, nope. Also, nope, nope, nope. I started on The Americans, which is good but very dark and I wanted a little lighter fare. I’ve just started Mr. Robot, which is still dark but has occasional moments of humor and no body count (so far). I’ll see what the rest of season 1 has to offer.

Writing other than for this blog.
Sadly, no.

Declutter clothes, books and, if time, the miscellaneous category as described by Kondo.
Yes! I made tons and tons of progress with this.

Clean the garage on a weekend with Shaun. (This doesn’t fit the KonMari method in that it’s cleaning by room, but it really can’t be ignored any longer.)
Check. It’s still messy, but it’s not as messy.

Organize all digital photos by year and make new back-up discs.
No, but it will be easy to transition to this when I finally get all the decluttering done.

Declutter computer work files.
No, but I still have to start lesson planning (eek), and some of that will go hand in hand.

Trip to Goodwill.

Trip to county dump.
Goodbye console TV!

So there you have it. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Perhaps you notice, as I have, that the more specific things on the list (declutter clothes) were the things that actually got accomplished. It’s the vague items (read, write) that are left to languish in the summer heat. I’m still in the process of actually getting the actual stuff that I decluttered actually out of my actual house. This is going to take far longer than the tidying did. My plan is to continue with the decluttering throughout the summer quarter, and transition from that into decluttering the computer. Then I can make a whole new to-do/done list for the second, longer summer break. If that doesn’t spell summer fun, I don’t know what does!


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