My 2nd Day Tripper

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest have been having what you might call an abysmal summer. It’s been cold, windy and wet. There was this one nice day in May, and a day or two that neared 80 in July, but other than that, it’s been consistently un-summery. To make up for it, said weather decided it would give us a weekend with temperatures nearing 100 degrees.

A sweater was required for fourth of July fireworks this year.

A sweater was required for fourth of July fireworks this year.

07_Jul 2016 (14)

100 degrees is pretty rare around these parts, and we are ill-equipped to handle it. (Air-conditioning…What’s that?) However, when I saw the forecast, I was excited. I said way back at the beginning of summer that I would wait until we got a day that was too hot to handle – one of those late summer, hard-to-breathe days – and take a day trip to the ocean. Finally, that day was here.

This was going to be another impromptu trip, and when I mentioned it to my husband two days beforehand, he said he didn’t want to go. I had already promised Sonja a beach day, and I could not renege. She was much too excited. I decided I could handle the 4-hour round trip drive by myself.

Then, I decided to invite an out-of-town friend to meet us there. I was very surprised when she said yes to the short notice plan and travel. But then things started to evolve as things do, and on Saturday morning all three of us wound up headed down to her place in Vancouver, WA for a visit to the Columbia River. Where it would be 98 degrees.

Our first stop after arriving was lunch on the riverbank. We sat outside because it was such a beautiful view and it wasn’t that hot, right? We were obviously delirious from the heat. Before we made our decision, Sonja asked,  “if we sit outside, will there be shade?” I said that all of the tables had umbrellas, so yes, there would be shade. We were sat at the one table on the terrace that did not have an umbrella. By the time we left, which seemed like many hours later thanks to the slow service, we were heat weary.

The girls coloring.

The girls coloring.

Stepping into the river made a world of difference. I no longer thought I would die of heat stroke. Since Shaun isn’t fond of large bodies of water, I sent him Pokemon hunting while the rest of us alternated between wading in the river and building sand castles.


08_Aug 2016 (26)CC 08_Aug 2016 (25) CC

In the Columbia River

In the Columbia River

When we got back to my friend’s place, we tested out the pool, but Sonja was getting tired and wasn’t happy that the shallow end was three-feet deep. So we returned to the air-conditioned apartment and prepared to head home.

Other than a quick stop at a non-air-conditioned pizza place, that was our trip. Unlike the previous daytrip, this was all play and no shopping. It was fun and exhausting and we all left a few shades darker than when we arrived.

None of this touches on the great conversations I had with my friend, with whom I wish to start a parenting podcast. I always leave with a new, “first show topic.” This time, it’s personal life assistants. Because you can’t be expected to take your own pictures and post them online by yourself.

Finally, I think Shaun caught several new Pokemon types, so we can all call this trip a resounding success. There’s still a little bit of summer left, and probably this is when we’ll get the bulk of our warm days. So, what’s next?


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