My Five-and-a-Quarter Year Old

On Friday, Sonja and her pre-K class went to the nursing home to sing Christmas carols for the residents. It was a ten-minute production, top to bottom, which went, I suppose, as well as you could expect for a gaggle of four- to five-year-olds. When we got home, Sonja told the family how much she enjoyed singing for “the old people.”

Last week, we went with friends to see a performance of The Nutcracker. Even though she’s only five, I figured she would do pretty well, as sitting and watching things is one of her fortes. Afterwards, Sonja told the family how much she enjoyed seeing The Nutcracker.

dec_2016-5 dec_2016-2-copy

We started a new preschool this year. It is not a co-op, and I do not have to work in the classroom. When we arrive, she is so excited she can barely take the time to hang up her backpack and coat. She runs into the classroom to greet her friends. I say something along the lines of, “Bye, sweetie, have a good day.” Without turning around, Sonja sticks her hand out behind her in a half-wave and says, “Bye!”

Sonja is, to put it mildly, a well-adjusted child. It is surprising, to say the least, given her lineage.

Of course, she is still only five. She traded little plastic rings with one of her friends, and wore her new one to school. She lost part of it during play time, and according to her teacher, had a 45-minute meltdown, resulting in the first time her behavior card was changed to yellow, which is like a warning.

Sonja now knows how to read several simple words, and has a memory like a steel trap. Some of this memory is used on characters from Pokemon Go, which she has taken to playing with Mom & Dad, and which I feel is taking up valuable space in that big brain of hers. She seems to be slowly letting go of the fixation with the color green. She has not expanded her palette, though thanks to her preschool, she better at taking adventure bites, even if she does just say “phe, that’s disgusting.” She loves doing mazes and other activities in coloring/activity books, but she passes right by the coloring pages. She loves it when we think she is being funny, but her attempts to tell jokes…well you’d tell her not to quit her day job if she had one. She likes to listen to music or play with her stuffed animals after I put her to bed. She’s my little insomniac, but the nice thing about insomniacs is they sleep in.

For my part, I sometimes forget that she is a now at an age where she will remember these days. I do not remember going to preschool. I remember kindergarten, though, and as I may have mentioned a time or two, I was Sonja’s age when I was in kindergarten. We are so close to this giant milestone of school, and I feel like her not being in school is one of the things that leads me to think of these days as future forgotten.

Speaking of forgotten, I’m having trouble remembering what we did the last few months. I often forget to take photos for long stretches of time, which seems to be the case for the last quarter. I’m also having some photo organization issues, now that most of my photos are on my phone and my cloud storage is full.

We did, I recall, have a birthday party. It was at the house for the first time since she turned two, and a great time was had by all. I actually planned games and activities this time, and the kids enjoyed them, minus the requisite fits from Sonja when she didn’t win. I also finally figured out, after two years, how to properly bake a chocolate chip cookie cake. The neighbors lent us a bouncy house and “other grandma and grandpa” bought her a car.


Pinatas are the new must-have for any kid-oriented occasion.


Pizza ‘n’ Paw Patrol


Birthday girls!



The first field trip with her new school was to a pumpkin patch, on a miserably soggy and frigid October day. I was impressed when the teacher’s assistant quelled a potential meltdown after one of the farmers suggested Sonja pick a different pumpkin that wasn’t bruised. Sonja really liked her pumpkin, and the assistant told her that was all that mattered, not what anyone else thought.

img_20161017_1021549 14725481_10154551659265429_7061464467352422248_n-copy 14717095_10154551660790429_5294976660579351581_n


Old friends


Prepping for a storm that never materialized.

Prepping for a storm that never materialized.

We finally had a successful Halloween. By successful, I mean that she didn’t have a meltdown every time she got a piece of candy she didn’t like (candy she doesn’t like: anything that’s not a plain Hershey bar or plain M&Ms or a plain Hershey kiss.) She also went trick or treating with her friend so that made it even better.


Later, there was a Halloween pinata.



Our Halloween decorations.

Sonja was not interested in “the holiday with the food,” but once it was over, she said she loved it.

Outside of her school in a turkey hat.

Outside of her school in a turkey hat.

December has been all about Christmas. We attempted to make a gingerbread house, which the dog then ate. There was the preschool concert. We visited Santa. And now we wait, in tremendous agony, for Santa’s visit. While we do that, we play the games on Google’s Santa Tracker, which is an enormous hit in this house.

Santa 2016

Santa 2016

12_dec-2016-santa-2 12_dec-2016-santa-3 12_dec-2016-santa-6As we prepare to head into the long winter’s void, my wish is that Santa brings her plenty of things to fill the time and plenty of space in which to keep the things.


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