My Latest Culinary Experiment

I made mayonnaise the other day. I don’t have an explanation. I just saw the recipe in a cookbook I had and it seemed pretty easy. I just had to know. Could I do it? Would it be worth it? The answers were yes and yes.

It took me three tries. The recipe I found in the book said for best results to use half olive oil and half other oil. This concoction came out perfectly thick and creamy, but it tasted so much like olive oil that I had to throw it away. I mean, I like olive oil, but you know… The second time I switched to avocado oil, remembering what the owner of the farm where we had Sonja’s pictures taken last summer had said. (She said it was mildly flavored and good for mayonnaise.) Unfortunately, this attemptĀ didn’t emulsify, so I had to try it again. The third time I made a few adjustments, including pouring the oil slower and using a whole egg instead of just the yolk. It worked. And it was good. It tasted mostly like Best Foods, except I used it to make other things that then turned out better than normal, like tartar sauce and macaroni salad.

The downside to this whole experiment was that homemade mayo only lasts about a week, if you listen to the experts online. I ended up with a little over a cup of mayo, and since I’m the only one in the house who eats mayonnaise, I just couldn’t eat it fast enough. I can see using this recipe when I have a potluck or a fish fry, when I know I can use it in larger quantities.

Previously, I tried and failed to make my own sourdough starter. It probably would’ve worked, but I got bored. Also, horrified by the amount of flour I was using. Next up, hummus. Pictures, I promise.


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