My Five-and-Three-Quarters Year Old

At five-and-three-quarters years old, my daughter has finally finished preschool. I’m thinking of this summer as the last unnoticed summer. The finale before summer vacation really starts to mean something. A friend recently told me that once your kids start school, you might as well consider them graduated because the time goes so fast.

Finally and Officially a Kindergartner!

Graduation Day

Sonja continues to be a strong reader. She picks out books from the children’s section of the library, reads them to herself, then summarizes the plot for me. I find it pretty impressive, though I am biased.

Washing her car

The bedtime routine was getting unbearable. She will not fall asleep until 10:30 or 11:00, and I was getting really tired of the constant yelling for my attention when I was trying to work or relax. So I consulted the Internet and we settled on a new routine. After stories, we talk for 5-10 minutes. Then I leave the room, and if she can remain quiet and in her bed for 5 minutes, she’s rewarded with an extra 2 minutes of talk time and another hug. This has been going well, but the last couple of nights after I leave the second time, she starts calling me again. I’m hoping that when the school year starts and necessitates her getting up earlier, bedtime will be easier, but I’m not so sure. I was a pretty legendary insomniac for a very long time, and she may be following in my footsteps.

Sonja tends to talk in hyperbole, mostly about days (or things or food) being the best ever. Sometimes things are the worst. She’s pretty obsessed with first times too, like her first time on a plane which is coming up soon. She got to see her first play about a month ago, at the Oregon Children’s Theater. She loved it, and insisted we wait in a long line for cast autographs.

Playing at the park and…

… playing at the splash pad in the park. Best. Day. Ever.

Panda face paint. Best. Day. Ever. (Even if she did wash it all off 10 minutes later.)

Pinkalicious at the Oregon Children’s Theater

A very tall chair

Walking Pepper.

She also participated in her first ballet recital, which she also loved. Again, I was impressed that she remembered all the moves and to some extent led her classmates through the dance.

Recital Costume

Recently, Dad bought a Nintendo Switch and taught her how to play Mario Kart, and that, as well as Dad, quickly became her favorite things ever. We even went to see Dad at work and have lunch with him in Seattle.

Yay, we’re going to see Dad!

In Seattle but not in the mood for a picture.

And now we gear up for the best summer ever, with a first time plane ride and a first trip to California and Disneyland. I wonder what effect Disneyland will have on the hyperbole speak. Will days still be the best ever, but not as good as Disneyland? Two years ago, after we went to Canada, she asked to go back every single day for six months, so perhaps more importantly, how long will she ask to go back to Disneyland? If she’s anything like her mother, probably every single day for…ever.



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