My Procrastination and Perfectionism Problem – Update #1

This is the first of several Sunday updates to my procrastination and perfectionism project. I’ve been at it for nearly a week, and mostly, I think things are going well. Some notes from the first (almost) week:

Day 1 -Monday: I almost tanked the whole thing when I was thinking about staying up later than my bedtime, since technically I only had to get up at 7 on Monday to start things off right. Then I remembered my bedtime is 11:30, not 11:00. Crisis averted. I woke up with my alarm and sat up but did not dash out of bed. It was a hard night to start the project because Sonja was up around 3 a.m. with a coughing fit. I decided since I didn’t fall back asleep, which is the whole point of avoiding the snooze alarm, that was acceptable.

I went for a walk on the most beautiful, sunny, breezy fall day, wind chimes ringing in my ears.

I went to get a glass of tea mid-afternoon and realized I should drink water instead. Audibly said, ‘boo’ to an empty house.

Felt like a very successful, worry-free day.

Day 2 – Tuesday: Walked outside again. Not as nice as yesterday, weather-wise, but trying to get as much in before the weather really turns sour. Feeling pretty good. The rest of the week will be harder because Sonja has early dismissal.

Day 4 – Thursday: Note to self: It is impossible to meditate with a cat in the room.

Day 5 – Friday: Easiest day yet as far as getting out of bed. I had been drifting in and out of consciousness since Shaun got up at 5:30, so maybe that was part of it. The exercise could also be a contributing factor. This is why I would make a terrible scientist. I suck at running a controlled experiment. A smart person would have done each of these things one-by-one to see what was really helpful.

By not putting more stringent restrictions on food and concentrating on other parts of the challenge, I have less time to obsess over food, and that’s a good thing. Hasn’t even occurred to me to miss drinking a coke, though I bought myself some Izzes in case I had a hankering for bubbles. I made lentil soup for the first time and it was delicious. Total win for the real food column, and something I can freeze for late night dinners when I’m working. Win-Win.

I had to fight the urge to stay up later binge-watching Netflix.

Day 6 – Saturday: It’s a good thing I went for those outdoor walks on Monday and Tuesday because the weather has been complete shit ever since. It was still dark when I got up at 7 today, and I have that annual sinking feeling of being plunged into the daylight darkness. Only a couple of weeks now until daylight “savings” begins, and then only a few more weeks until it’s practically black by 4:30.

After waking up so easily yesterday, it was harder today. Thinking it was 3 a.m. because it was so dark out, I got up to go to the bathroom, and it turned out to be 6:45 a.m. I went back to bed but that in and of itself was kind of like hitting the snooze button. I sat up when my alarm went off but hit the actual snooze button just in case and yes, I may have dozed before that second bell buzzed. But that can be our little secret.

I thought the cough that kept Sonja up last weekend was the tail end of her cold, but she continues to get worse. She coughed all day today. It’s probably only a matter of time until I get sick. I already have a tickle in my throat. I’m wondering how that will affect the exercise portion of my plan. I wonder if I should’ve made provisions for such eventualities. I know it’s safe to exercise so long as the cold doesn’t move to your chest, so I will press on if possible.

I’ve spent about an hour on social media, most of it the past two days. I need a better way to track it. I can’t rely on an app because I use my computer as well.

Day 7 – Sunday: Slept a little longer today than I was supposed to. Oh well. I could tell I was grinding my teeth pretty badly last night. Today I had a migraine. I used to think of the migraine causality in that order, but now I’m convinced the teeth grinding gets worse before the migraine. My entire face is tensing up in preparation for what my brain is going to do to me.

I’ve realized that putting my stuff away in a timely manner is not something that was neglected because of lack of motivation. Sure, I’m tired sometimes and throw something where it doesn’t belong. But most often, I’m in the middle of putting stuff away when I have to put out a kid fire, and after I do that I’m either exhausted or have completely forgotten that I was in the middle of doing something. That’s why the messes pile up, and that may not be something I can completely correct at this moment in time. So if I have to live with it, I should learn to live with it.

I paid for groceries with cash today, but it was weird. It felt almost sacrilegious to not use the store credit card.

I don’t know if I’ve ever exercised 7 days in a row before. I’m not doing that much and three of the days my exercise has been walking, but I feel it. And I say bring it.

I’ve not worried as much about planning ahead for work, and concentrated instead on doing my work as it arose. That seemed fine. It should also be known that there is an inordinate amount of time that must be spent by the teachers doing ridiculously poorly designed online “paperwork,” and everyone’s life would be easier if there was a way to streamline that. I shouldn’t say that. There absolutely is always a way to streamline processes. Life would be easier if someone in the right place would put some effort into designing a better system.

So as I head into next week, I have to make greater tracking efforts. I need to track how much tea I’m drinking and how much time I’m spending online. I put a notebook in my purse but didn’t use it, but I can see now how that could be a solution to the tracking problem. I also have to make greater efforts to pay with cash, I feel like that one slipped through the cracks for most of the week. All in all, here’s to a pretty successful first week.


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