My Procrastination and Perfectionism Problem – Update #4

I had some trouble with exhaustion this week. That’s okay though, because it means I’ve otherwise achieved a recognizable state of non-exhaustion, which is what I was hoping for with this experiment. Previously, I was frequently too tired to move, and I haven’t felt like that much since I standardized my sleep and wake times. Now, instead of just saying, I’m tired, I guess I didn’t sleep enough, I’ll sleep more tonight, and then never feeling like I slept enough, I know something else is going on. This week I’m pretty sure it was the return to standard time. I wouldn’t think that changing the clocks, especially in winter when we get that extra hour, would have such an effect, but man-o-nam did I feel it.

I didn’t meditate this week. I did not prioritize it like I said I would, so naturally I ran into an article that talked about how even if you only do five minutes and you do it badly (check!), it is still good for you. I’m hoping to do better next week.

I’ve bought hardly anything except food. Mostly that’s groceries, but this week was heavy on dining out, maybe because I was tired? I bought some tank tops for Sonja for layering, a gift for a baby shower, and some parchment paper because I don’t know how to live without it. After some fantastic successes with making homemade hand soap, body wash and the like, I’ve decided to give up on toner. I’ve tried several different recipes that all stink to high hell, and I want to cut my losses.

I’m starting to wonder if I should’ve severed ties with social media for this experiment. I put an app on my phone to track my phone’s use, and while I use it less than I thought, it doesn’t tell me what I did that was social media and what I did that was something I haven’t put a limit on, like texting or navigating. It also doesn’t take into account what I do on my computer. I’m reading a book about our addiction to cell phones and while I can see myself in some of it, I certainly don’t fall into the worst offenders category. So once again, maybe there was nothing really wrong? Or maybe it was enough to ask myself to observe the behavior for an extended period of time. We will see how this progresses, but I’m still attempting to back off of social media.

Here are my notes from the week:

Day 22: Feeling particularly wiped out this evening. I don’t know why. Is it just the return to standard time? It seems feelings of jet lag would be more prominent in spring when you lose sleep, but perhaps I had so adjusted to my 11:30-7:00 schedule that this is throwing me off. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night? The dog did go bananas at 5:30 this morning, causing me to have to get up and let her out. Or maybe it was the slam into darkness at 4:30 in the afternoon? I don’t know, but I hope things return to normal so I can consider this part of the plan successful again.

Day 23: What a crazy day. It was Shaun’s birthday. I had to pick up the fundraising cookie dough from the school, and since it was all frozen and I had no space in my freezer, I had to run around trying to deliver it at 3:30 in the afternoon when no one was home. I also had to grade rough drafts for my classes and lesson plan. Things are not going to get better as the week goes on. Yeesh.

Day 27: Feeling tired again. My whole face is tense and I’m grinding my teeth. Are these warning signs of a migraine?

And that was the week that was.



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