My Procrastination and Perfectionism Problem – Update #7

December. I’ve learned some things about migraines but still feel relatively powerless to change my headaches, which seem so different from others. I’ve been panicking because my triptans aren’t working, but it could be that I’m not taking them soon enough, since my headaches are mild enough that I always think they will just go away. I also see a definite correlation between my headaches and the barometric pressure and nothing else. Not caffeine or chocolate or hormones or stress. The prevailing theory is that if you control the things you can control, i.e. food, you can prevent yourself from crossing the migraine threshold despite uncontrollable things like the weather. Mostly you do this by not eating the things on the migraine trigger list, but each person’s triggers are different and difficult to suss out. I read a book this week that suggested a ketogenic diet – no sugar and no carbs – would bring you so far below the threshold you could eat any of the other triggers you want. But every time I hear about this so-called ancestral diet, it feels like a fad. We took fat out of everything in the ’80s and ’90s, and boy were we wrong about that. So taking out carbs just because we can seems like it will someday be revealed as another bad idea. I also really don’t understand the people who do this willingly. I read on the internet constantly how filling eggs are. Every single time I eat an egg, I feel hungrier when I’m finished than when I started. Also, the idea that you can eat as much bacon and sausage and hot dogs as you want so long as you don’t eat any sugar just doesn’t sound right at all. Whatever happened to good old fashioned moderation? It’s a problem I currently have with the culture at large, and certainly it’s reflected in our food choices.

I did have a headache this weekend and slept a little more than I normally would. We had a couple of days where the weather went from sunny and bright to dark and rainy, so I’m sure that brought it on, but I also started to wonder if my sleep schedule had anything to do with it. In general, I’m really liking my schedule but notice there are nights where I don’t fall asleep as quickly as others, or I get into bed a few minutes late, and I wonder if that reduces my time asleep too much. But I don’t feel particularly tired so I would think that means I’m ok. I’m just looking for something that’s not food related because let’s face it, I’m not giving up carbs.

The one empty carb that I want to stop gorging on is social media. I’m still using it to fill in the gaps, but it does feel hollow at best and nauseating at worst, and with the current state of politics in this country, that’s a whole lot of nauseating. To add to that, I’ve been testing out some potential new shows to watch during my upcoming break. None have had a single light-hearted moment in them. They sink to the bottom of your soul like a stone. Luckily The Crown returns to Netflix next week, so I can watch something about another country’s politics.

The bottom line here is I feel like I already know which of these habits will stick around and which have been unsuccessful, but I still want to continue with what I am doing and remember why I am doing it. With the last week of the quarter next week, I’ve been a wee bit stressed, but I hope to get a lot accomplished over my break and finish this project strong.



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