My Procrastination and Perfectionism Problem – Update #9

With just two weeks left, I’ll consider this my penultimate update. On New Year’s Eve, I’ll do new resolutions and a recap of what worked and what didn’t from this little experiment.

Now that I am on break from work, I have been having a harder time sticking to my schedule. I’m fudging both sleep and wake times. But not by that much, and it does feel like this is the time to kick back and relish the end of the year. However, after seeing an improvement in my energy from standardized sleep/wake times, I’m wondering if I should be more consistent with Sonja. Typically I let her sleep in on the weekends and stay up a bit later. She’s been awfully cranky lately but truly, that could be anything. I think, for my own sanity, I’ll try to keep her schedule fairly consistent during the break.

I had a very long streak of walking outside, thanks to a streak of cold but sunny weather. It’s turned rainy and windy the past two days, so I’ve moved the workout indoors. Typically, I feel like I get more bang for my workout buck when I’m following a video, but it’s not near as entertaining as wandering around listening to Malcolm Gladwell or Marc Maron. I have thoughts of trying to balance the two types of workout more evenly, but if walking is what makes being active consistent, then walking should not be slighted.

The break is already going by all too quickly. Perhaps its best I didn’t have too much of a list of what I wanted to get done? In any event, I hope in the next posts I as I review the experiment and the year, I can see that there were things that in fact did get accomplished.


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