My More Appliance Woes

I promised in my resolutions to institute plots and plans and projects and update you on them. The current plot, to eat no added sugar and follow an anti-inflammatory diet, is not going well. But rather than admit defeat in all its glorious detail, I had a more interesting project that took up space in my brain that I wanted to expound upon.

Listen, I’m not sure if the appliances speak to each other in some kind of coded machine language, and then plan little machine revolutions, but sure as “a squared plus b squared equals c squared,” when one appliance breaks, others follow.

The first was my printer. It didn’t break completely, just the auto-duplexer. I pressed on, printing just the A sides and guiltily murdering trees, but since it has six separate ink cartridges that are getting harder to find, and since the printing usually is streaky and awful, I figured it was time to look into getting a new printer. I have one in mind and will buy it when the streaky, awful ink runs out.

Next it was the microwave. It was spinning and whirring but the food was coming out ice cold. The day before Christmas Eve we stood in a very long line at our local retailer, new microwave perched atop one of the small, I’m-only-getting-a-few-things-today carts, because that was the only cart left at the store. It was insanity, but the microwave was on sale and there was a coupon for $10 off if you spent so much money, which we did, so I guess I’m not complaining.

Then, on New Year’s Day, it was our washing machine. It actually started two days before. The machine flooded the laundry room. My husband accused me of overloading it. I took some clothes out and restarted everything went fine. The problem was solved. Or so we thought, until the next load of laundry on New Year’s Day when the same thing happened. We brought forth from our repressed memories recollections of this happening before. Shaun had cleaned the water sensor which fixed the problem, but he wasn’t able to clean it very well because it was small, hard to get to, and glued in place. He could clean it again, but this all would happen again in the near future and I, for one, am tired of mopping up the laundry room and then having nowhere to go with a bunch of wet, soggy laundry. So we decided to buy a new one. With our washing machine at just 10 years old, it’s a little ahead of schedule, but at least now we can get an HE machine. It took a day or two but I settled on one I liked at a reasonable price, then I started looking at my laundry room. I hate my laundry room. I complain every time I do laundry that I can’t open the dryer without re-positioning the door to the room. The room is also dark and ugly. The floor is tiled orange, and several years ago I got rid of some hideous wallpaper and painted the walls a complementary color, which helped, but it’s still poorly lit with dark cabinets.



I started thinking about all the other horrible, dark cabinets we’ve ripped out of this house and I decided it was time to do so again. I calculated that ripping out the cabinets, putting in some modern shelves and repainting would be an inexpensive way to make a big difference. And so the cabinets came down today and primer-ing began. Unfortunately the new washer is coming on Tuesday and I wish I’d thought of this earlier. But oh well. The wheels are in motion and I hope to come to you with something truly pinterest-y in a few weeks. I can do it, I know I can.


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