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My Six-Year-Old

When Sonja was about 15 months old, she was playing with some foam letters and numbers in the tub. I wanted to use them to spell out “class of…” and stick it to the wall. I had to do some … Continue reading

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My Daughter’s First Day of School

After 4 years of preschool (and 3 different preschools), Sonja finally started Kindergarten yesterday. The rest of the grades started on Tuesday, but the Kindergartners waited until Friday, in the meantime getting a chance to check out the school and … Continue reading

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Our 2017 Family Vacation, Part 2

Also, responsible parents that we are, we taught Sonja how to lie. There were two rides where the kids could drive cars, and one was for kids age 3-5, the other age 6-12. She wanted to go on the older ride because she had seen it on YouTube. We told her she had to say that she was 6, and she really resisted this. She wasn’t six, why on earth would she say she was? It took an unreasonable amount of explaining that the reason to say she was six was to get on the ride she wanted to go on, and that it was okay to say that this one time because she was almost six and it wouldn’t hurt anyone to say that, and afterwards she could immediately go back to being five. She finally agreed and got on the ride, although Shaun and I held our breath when they asked her how old she was, thinking she might offer some sort of last second explanation of how she was lying to get on the ride. Continue reading

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Our 2017 Family Vacation, Part 1

This was a vacation six years in the making. We had just been waiting for the right time to take our daughter to Disneyland. We thought at 5 and 3/4 years old, she’d be old enough to remember, appreciate and … Continue reading

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My Five-and-Three-Quarters Year Old

At five-and-three-quarters years old, my daughter has finally finished preschool. I’m thinking of this summer as the last unnoticed summer. The finale before summer vacation really starts to mean something. A friend recently told me that once your kids start … Continue reading

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My Latest Culinary Experiment

I made mayonnaise the other day. I don’t have an explanation. I just saw the recipe in a cookbook I had and it seemed pretty easy. I just had to know. Could I do it? Would it be worth it? … Continue reading

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My Alton Brown

I saw Dennis Miller live once. I think. No, I’m sure I did. It was a long time ago. I don’t know who I went with. I don’t know what theater. I don’t have any pictures. And I remember only … Continue reading

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My Five-and-a-Half-Year Old

The first time I wrote what was to become the “Sonja Quarterly Update,” she was six- months old. I hadn’t done one at three-months because the idea had yet to occur to me. One thing that I say in the … Continue reading

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My Bingeing Problem

One Halloween long ago, maybe ten years, I was telling a friend that when I was a kid, I had no trouble with self-control when it came to candy. The treats I got on Halloween would last until Easter, if … Continue reading

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My Best Of 2016

I think there is a widespread cultural feeling that 2016 was a shitty year. We had to listen to all the election crap, and then when the election was finally over, things just got crappier. But regardless of all the … Continue reading

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