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My Thoughts “On Writing”

It’s one of my pet peeves when authors dismiss other forms of entertainment. I love to read but more than that I love good stories, regardless of format. Continue reading

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Try It, You’ll Like It

I was able to bookmark the pages I wanted (no underline available on this edition) and now that I’m done with the book, I don’t have to find a place to store the actual, physical book. Hallelujah! A space-saver and a tree-hugger. Consider me a convert. Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with Books?

I was actually channel-surfing the other night (how old school!) and I came upon a Seinfeld repeat. Even when there is new entertainment to take in over the airwaves, most of it can’t compete with a Seinfeld repeat. So I … Continue reading

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How to Win at Games

I have found, thanks to my wonderful husband, that there are a lot of atypical card and board games that are really fun. I particularly like Dominion, and Agricola is also fun. Ditto Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne. And what I learned from the class is that the reason these games appeal to me is that they are part strategy games but they are also part luck. So those that are better strategists can be knocked down by luck and those that are not so great can be elevated just the same. The playing field is evened out and everybody has more fun. Continue reading

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Uncovering the Truth

It’s categorically, systematically and ridiculously untrue. I listen to all sorts of music. Some new, some old, some jazz, some pop. I do not discriminate on genre or age, only on quality of the musicianship and that elusive and sometimes unquantifiable quality that appeals to me. Continue reading

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You Speak, I’ll Spell

I won my first spelling bee when I was in first grade. The final word was monster. I believe the other contestant spelled it with a “u.” I won most (but not all) of my elementary school spelling bees, and when … Continue reading

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High Concept

*Editor’s Note: I wrote this piece in February while in the midst of creating a video for my Winter 2010 storytelling class. I saved it to drafts, unsure if I wanted to share. I share it now for posterity. I … Continue reading

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I can’t seem to find a balance between total, complete, sitting-in-a-chair-and-staring-at-a-wall boredom and pants on fire busy-ness. This week has seen me working two jobs, 12-hours a day, and upsettingly unavailable to do some much needed party-prep for this weekend’s annual … Continue reading

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I left school the first time with a small but growing amount of animosity towards the degree I earned. I liked what I was doing when I was doing it, but there’s a part of me that’s very structured and rule-bound that did not fit with the image of the program. Continue reading

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Dismal Nitch

What do you think of when you think of summer? The promise of hot days and warm nights, freedom from responsibilities and breezy adventures. Continue reading

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