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My 2017 Year-in-Review: Entertainment Edition

Here is a list of (just about) everything I watched or read in the year 2017. The list is in (mostly) chronological order. TV Series Watched Schitt’s Creek (abandoned) The Man in the High Castle (abandoned) Silicon Valley (seasons 1, … Continue reading

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My 2016 Year-in-Review: Entertainment Edition

You might not be able to tell it from the titles, but my reading list certainly has a theme. Continue reading

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My DSP 2: Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)

Song: Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) Artist: Eels Year: 2005 Favorite Lyric: Do you know what it’s like to care too much ’bout someone that you’re never gonna get to touch Hey man, now you’re really living Significance: I … Continue reading

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My Breaking Bad

[NON-SPOILER ALERT: Somehow I managed to write an entire post about Breaking Bad without spoiling a single pivotal plot plot. Feel free to read even if you haven’t seen the whole series.] It’s been two weeks since the finale of Breaking … Continue reading

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My Thoughts for the Week of May 20th

I admit that not a lot happened this week, and I confess that the laziness of the week is directly responsible for this lazy blog entry. I’m even too lazy to wax philosophical about letting my life pass me by … Continue reading

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My Mad Men Return

I could describe how much I love this show, but I’m sure I would be chastised by Don for devaluing the word. Plus, if I simply listed everything I loved about it, I’d risk being chastised by Peggy for not knowing the difference between ideas and the execution of ideas. Continue reading

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My Thoughts “On Writing”

It’s one of my pet peeves when authors dismiss other forms of entertainment. I love to read but more than that I love good stories, regardless of format. Continue reading

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Mad Men, Inception and the State of the Story

As I was sitting in the dark theater, about an hour into the 2 hour, 40 minute film du jour Inception, I began to think about the impending premier of Mad Men. In particular, I was thinking how much I would rather … Continue reading

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Gender Bender

People also pick on my car (you know, the world’s best car) which is fine because I choose to drive that car and I like it, but two other people there – men – drive Corollas and no one ever makes fun of them. I’m just saying.

Continue reading

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From fascinating to forgettable

Then there’s a fourth type of movie: The Fascinating Film. Fascinating films are the ones that you watch over and over again, usually when you accidentally pass by them on cable, only because you can’t stop. I have a few of these. Continue reading

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