Trackside Pizza – Puyallup

Occasionally, like any small fry blogger hoping to pass 15 views, I like to look at the stats for this blog to see what kind of traffic it’s getting. This obsessive numbers game led me to notice that I get a new hit almost daily from someone who has searched for “Sonic Puyallup” (referring to this post.)

I am actually not surprised. I found nary a hint of any local information when I was trying to ascertain an opening date for Sonic. It’s a special kind of frustration when all-knowing Google can’t answer your question. According to my stats, I obviously was not the only one searching, likely not the only one frustrated. It made me realize this blog might be just the spot to address the dearth of hyper-localized Puyallup news. 

I decided I would do a little experiment and review another Puyallup restaurant, to see what kind of traffic that gets. This one, unlike Sonic, is a true local gem.

Trackside Pizza is my favorite pizza place. My husband and I found their website when looking for a restaurant that would deliver but was not Pizza Hut. We had tried nearly everything in the area, and we were getting weary. Lo and behold, the Tracskide Pizza man arrived at our door with a faith-restoring pie. The pizza crust was thin and crispy, the the toppings tasty and abundant. The sauce, a make-it-or-break-it feature of the pizza for me, is marinara perfection…My only complaint is that they could be a little more generous with it. The chop salad was also terrific, complete with a thick, basil and garlic-infused balsamic dressing. The fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies were melty chocolate goodness.

So enchanted were we by the delivery, we decided to go downtown to check out the restaurant. Its brick walls are adorned with railroad signs from eras passed, and the pizza ovens and prep stations are visible from any table. Little ones get to take pies they made themselves at the table to the cooks on the line, say, “pie up,” and every single person working, in a burst of unbridled enthusiasm, shouts, “PIE UP!” right back. It’s extremely entertaining. And of course, the building sits but a few feet from the railroad tracks – hence the name Trackside – and when a train goes by, the whole place rattles and shakes. It’s the perfect pizza ambiance, the kind of place that gives “local” a good name. 

You can order delivery from the website, though we had to call as our zip code apparently isn’t in the system yet. It would be nice if they would fix that bug.

Whether you’re a native who hasn’t come across Trackside yet, or are just visiting and looking for some good pizza, I heartily recommend it. You won’t regret it.


Trackside 2

Chocolate chip cookies straight outta the oven

Trackside 1

A view of the booths and some signage


Trackside 3

Frank looks at the pizza ovens





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